Cat Breeds List: 9 Domestic Cat Breeds that start with ‘K’ (Intro+Pictures)

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’K’

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’K’

Among 170+ cat breeds, the names of 9 start with a ‘K’. Let’s list them and discuss them one by one!

Here’s a list of 9 cat breeds with their names starting from the letter “K”. This group contains some of the most famous cat breeds including the Kucinta, the Koratthe Korn Ja,  the Kurilian Bobtail, and others.

There are more than 175 known breeds of the domestic cats in the world. For a better understanding, we have divided cat breeds into groups according to their names. The list goes in an alphabetical order.

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Now, let’s move to the list:


1. The Kanaani or The Canaan Cat

The Kanaani, an experimental shorthair cat breed from Germany, is a domestic cat hybrid that looks like spotted wild cats from Africa. The ticked coat of the Kanaani has spots of different colors, including black, cinnamon and chocolate colors. These cats have large ears with lynx tips and a long, slender neck. They have large, muscular body with longer hind legs and long, thin tail. The eye color ranges from yellow to green.

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Kanaani, The Karel Bobtail, and The Keetso

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Kanaani, The Karel Bobtail, and The Keetso

2. The Karel Bobtail, The Karelian, The Karellian or The Karelian Bobtail

The Karel Bobtail is a shorthair or semi-longhair cat from Russia, that have a Bobtail due to a genetic mutation. This is a medium-sized breed with 4-13 cm long tail, having a “pompom” appearance due to long hair on the tail. These cats have strong, muscular body and longer hind legs. They come in almost all colors and combinations. These cats are very curious, highly adaptive to new environments, and pet-friendly.

3. The Keetso

Another recent addition to the wild-looking cats, the Keetso is still an experimental breed. Najavo word “Keetso” means “big feet”. A Keetso is supposed to have a “big cat” look, which includes large and muscular body, large head with a longer face, big nose, inverted heart-shaped muzzle and large polydactyl feet. In spite of these wild look, these cats should have a sweet nature and excellent pet qualities.

4. The Khao Manee, The Khao Plort or The Diamond Eye

The Khao Manee is a rare shorthair cat breed from Thailand, having pure white hair coat and bright glowing eyes as its most distinct features. Eyes have a look of “diamond cut” due to the presence of bright pattern around them. The eye colors include blue (most common), yellow or green. Both eyes may have different colors and color shades. These cats have muscular, athletic bodies. They are very active, intelligent and communicative.

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Khao Manee, The Kinkalow, and The Korat

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Khao Manee, The Kinkalow, and The Korat

5. The Kinkalow

Short-legged with curled ears, the Kinkalow is a relatively new breed from the United States. It is a small (3-7 pounds) breed with both shorthair and longhair varieties. These cats are friendly and fairly active. They love to climb high places. They come in all coat colors. Their tail is sometimes longer than their body. Cats of this breed are claimed to be among the healthiest cats in the world. They have low maintenance and grooming requirements.

6. The Korat, The Si-Sawat, The Good Luck Cat or The Royal Cat

Named after a province of Thailand, the Korat is a cat breed with very fine long hair and beautiful eyes. It is a small-medium sized (6-10 pounds) breed, that comes in blue or silver color. Cats of this breed are intelligent, playful, friendly, gentle and quiet. They are quite adaptable as well as pet-friendly and child-friendly. These cats are generally healthy and undergo minimal shedding. They have low maintenance requirements. The Korat is the 37th most popular cat breed in the CFA.

7. The Korn Ja

The Korn Ja is a small-medium sized (6-11 pounds) hairless breed of cats, originally from Thailand. These cats are friendly, intelligent and loving. They have a delicate body, mostly with the blue-gray colored coat, and a long tail. They have medium-sized eyes. The Korn Ja cats are very adaptive to new environments. These cats make strong bonds with their owners. They are also very good with children and fellow pets. They undergo minimal shedding and have low grooming needs.

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Korn Ja, The Kucinta, and The Kurilian Bobtail

Cat Breeds that start with ’K’: The Korn Ja, The Kucinta, and The Kurilian Bobtail

8. The Kucinta, The Singapura or The Drain Cat

One of the smallest cats in the world, Singapura is from Singapore (as the name indicates). It is the smallest domestic cat (4-7 pounds) with a muscular body, big ears, big eyes, blunt tail and a silky shorthair coat. The hair coat is usually ivory in color, with a brown ticking pattern. Singapura cats are very curious, intelligent, interactive, loyal and affectionate. They are healthy, quiet, adaptable, pet-friendly and child-friendly. Singapura is 32nd most famous cat by CFA.

9. The Kurilian Bobtail, The Curilsk, The Kuril Bobtail or The Kuril Islands Bobtail

Originating from Russia and Japan, the Kurilian Bobtail comes in both longhair and shorthair varieties, with semi-cobby body type. Just like the Japanese Bobtail, it has a distinct short and fluffy “bob” or “pompon” tail. These cats are very clever but gentle. They love playing with water. Cats of this breed are large (15-19 pounds) in size and have longer hind legs. They are highly sociable. This breed is recognized by the TICA, but not by the CFA.