Cat Breeds List: 7 Domestic Cat Breeds that start with ‘H’ (Intro+Pictures)

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’H’

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’H’

Among 170+ cat breeds, the names of 7 start with an ‘H’. Let’s list them and discuss them one by one!

Here’s a list of 7 cat breeds with their names starting from the letter “H”. This group contains some of the most famous cat breeds including the Himalayanthe Havana Brown and others.

There are more than 175 known breeds of the domestic cats in the world. For a better understanding, we have divided cat breeds into groups according to their names. The list goes in an alphabetical order.

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Now, let’s move to the list:


1. The Habari

The Habari is a relatively new breed of cats, with large size (average 20 pounds), but very sweet and friendly temperament. This breed is prepared for pet market and its registry is based on DNA profiling only, not on pedigrees. So, it is not registered by any major pet registries. These cats have very wild looks, having strong spotted & rosette pattern on the clear cream-gold background. The foundation breeds may include the Bengal, the Asian Leopard Cat, the Savannah, the Serval and possibly others.

2. The Havana Brown or The Havana

The Havana Brown is a medium-sized (6-10 pounds) cat breed from the UK, that is developed by a cross between the Siamese and domestic black cats. Cats of this 35th most popular cat breed are similar to Siamese in their body type, with solid chestnut-brown color. They have muscular bodies with short hair coats. These cats are highly intelligent and very communicative. They are curious, quiet, playful and good with children and other pets. They are active than most of the shorthair cats.

Cat Breeds that start with ’H’: The Habari, The Havana Brown, and The Helki

Cat Breeds that start with ’H’: The Habari, The Havana Brown, and The Helki

3. The Helki

Still in early developmental stages, the Helki is a breed from the United States that is based on a mutation. “Helki” means “Touch” in Miwok’s (Native American tribe) language. Cats of this breed have a unique coat and, when touched, it feels like a silky fleece blanket. They have a semi-rex type coat, with a mixture of waved and straight guard hair. These cats show a very high degree of rufousinging, leading to change in coat colors.

4. The Highland Fold, The Scottish Fold Longhair, The Longhair Fold or The Coupari

Originating from the United Kingdom, this breed is the longhair version of the Scottish Fold. TICA recognizes it as a separate breed. Medium-sized cats of this breed look like a “wise owl” due to their short nose, full cheek, large rounded eyes, and sweet expression. Its soft and resilient longhair coat comes in different colors and patterns. Coupari cats are very friendly and playful, and also good with children and other pets. They need regular grooming.

5. The Highlander, The Highlander Shorthair or The Highland Lynx

Unique looking Highlander from the United States is an experimental breed of cats, that is  a cross between the Desert Lynx and the Jungle Curl. These cats are bob-tailed or have short tails, with spotted or marbled markings like the Bobcat. They are actually a curl-eared version of the Desert Lynx. Some of them are polydactyl. These cats are generally very healthy. They are very friendly, intelligent and playful, despite their wild looks.

Cat Breeds that start with ’H': The Highland Fold, The Highland Lynx, The Himalayan and The Honeybear

Cat Breeds that start with ’H’: The Highland Fold, The Highland Lynx, The Himalayan and The Honeybear

6. The Himalayan, The Colorpoint Persian, The Colorpoint Longhair or The Himmy

A cross between the Persian and the Siamese, this medium-large (7-14 pounds) cat breed originates from the USA, Nepal, and UK. These cats have very soft and brushy longhair coat. They are very friendly, gentle, intelligent, quiet and social. They come in more than 8 colors. This is one of the most popular longhair cat breeds. They have a Persian-like body. As they grow, they become color-point (not at birth).

7. The Honeybear

Cats of this breed are claimed to be “the world’s cutest cats” and rightly so. This breed was developed, reportedly, by injecting selected genetic material from a Skunk into a female Persian cat. These large cats have childlike personalities, full of curiosity and fun. They are slow maturing as compared to the Persian. They have very silky, not-matting coat. Kittens are born with stripes on their body and the color usually lightens as they mature.