Cat Breeds List: 6 Domestic Cat Breeds that start with ‘G’ (Intro+Pictures)

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’G’

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’G’

Among 170+ cat breeds, the names of 6 start with a ‘G’. Let’s list them and discuss them one by one!

Here’s a list of 6 cat breeds with their names starting from the latter “G”.  This group contains some of the most famous cat breeds including the Gentle Giantthe Good Luck Cat, and others.

There are more than 175 known breeds of the domestic cats in the world. For a better understanding, we have divided cat breeds into groups according to their names. The list goes in an alphabetical order.

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Now, let’s move to the list:


1. The Gaelic Fold

The Gaelic Fold, a medium-sized & heavy-boned cat, is developed by using the Napoleon, the Munchkin, the Scottish Fold and the Highland Fold. It is short-legged like the first two and fold-eared like the other two. It has a long and flexible tail with longer hind legs than fore-legs. By nature, cats of this breed are very active and gentle at the same time. They generally have very good health. This breed comes in both longhair and shorthair varieties.

Cat Breeds that start with ’G’: The Gaelic Fold, The Genetta, and The Gentle Giant

Cat Breeds that start with ’G’: The Gaelic Fold, The Genetta, and The Gentle Giant

2. The Genetta

This developing cat breed of the United States is a cross between the Bengal and the Munchkin. It is a short-legged cat with a spotted coat and a wild appearance like the African Genet. Individuals of this breed have black spots on the silver-grey or cream background. They also have large round ears with long, thick tail and long neck. Despite their wild looks, these cats have purely domestic qualities. This breed is still under development.

3. The Gentle Giant, The Maine Coon, The Coon Cat, The Maine Cat, The Maine Trick Cat, The Maine Shag, The Snowshoe Cat, The American Longhair or The Yankee Cat

The 3rd most popular breed after the Exotic Shorthair and the Persian, the Maine Coon is one of the largest (12-18 pounds) cat breeds from the United States. It has a long body with heavy and silky longhair coat. Cats of this breed have coats of all colors and patterns, except the Siamese pointed coat. Most common pattern is patched brown. It is very adaptable, intelligent, gentle and independent. In addition to that, it is extremely good with children and other pets. These qualities make it one of the best indoor cats.

4. The German Longhair or The German Angora

As the name indicates, the German Longhair is a cat breed from Germany with a longhair coat. In body type, this breed is similar to the European Shorthair, but with a deep chest. The eyes are large. These cats are muscular with legs of medium length. They have a shiny and silky long hair coat, which is very easy to groom. Cats of this breed come in a large number of colors and color patterns. This breed is recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF).

5. The German Rex

This small-medium sized cat breed from Germany has a silky and usually curly shorthair coat. These cats come in a large variety of coat colors and eye colors. Lesser known and rarer than the Cornish Rex, this breed was used in early Cornish Rex lines in the United States. These cats make quick bonds with their owners. They are very friendly, loyal, intelligent and playful. Cats of this breed have longer legs and they require proper space to grow.

Cat Breeds that start with ’G’: The German Longhair, The German Rex, and The Good Luck Cat

Cat Breeds that start with ’G’: The German Longhair, The German Rex, and The Good Luck Cat

6. The Good Luck Cat, The Korat, The Si-Sawat or The Royal Cat

Named after a province of Thailand, the Korat is a cat breed with very fine long hair and beautiful eyes. It is a small-medium sized (6-10 pounds) breed, that comes in blue or silver color. Cats of this breed are intelligent, playful, friendly, gentle and quiet. They are quite adaptable as well as pet-friendly and child-friendly. These cats are generally healthy and undergo minimal shedding. They have low maintenance requirements. The Korat is the 37th most popular cat breed in the CFA.