Cat Breeds List: 14 Domestic Cat Breeds that start with ‘P’ (Intro+Pictures)

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’P’

Cat Breeds List: Cat Breeds that start with ’P’

Among 170+ cat breeds, the names of 14 start with a ‘P’. Let’s list them and discuss them one by one!

Here’s a list of 29 cat breeds with their names starting from the letter “P”.  This group contains some of the most famous cat breeds including the Persian Longhairthe Pixie Catthe Pharaoh Catthe Peterbaldthe Puppykat, and others.

There are more than 175 known breeds of the domestic cats in the world. For a better understanding, we have divided cat breeds into groups according to their names. The list goes in an alphabetical order.

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Now, let’s move to the list:


1. The Pantherette

The Pantherette is a newly developing breed in the United States, a domestic cat that will resemble the Black Panther. It is being developed by crossing the wild Amur, the black-colored Bengal or the Asian leopard cat to the Maine Coon or the black, full-tailed Pixie-Bob. Cats of this breed have a large, muscular body with shorthair coat. There is no Panther used in the development of this breed. This breed is registered with the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA).

2. The Pardino, The Cashmere or The Cashmere Bengals

The Cashmere Cat is the longhair version of the Bengal Cat. Other than having a longhair coat, it is identical to the Bengal cat in its appearance and qualities. These cats have a long silky coat and are very rare. They are available in almost every color and different combinations. The interesting thing is, they don’t need much grooming despite having long hair because their hair is very fine, soft and silky. These are bred internationally in the United States, the United Kingdome, and Europe.

Cat Breeds that start with ‘P’: The Pantherette, The Pardino, and The Peke-Faced Persian

Cat Breeds that start with ‘P’: The Pantherette, The Pardino, and The Peke-Faced Persian

3. The Peke-Faced Persian, The Peeked, The Pig-Faced Persian or The Piggy

Named after the flat-faced Pekingese dog, the Peke-Faced Persian is a Persian cat, with virtually no muzzle. As a result, these cats have bulging eyes, additional wrinkles above the nose, and constant snuffle. It was first seen in the late 1950s due to a spontaneous mutation in the red and red-tabby Persians. Now, breeders are developing similar cats by extreme- or ultra-typing (in other colors also). These Persian cats need regular grooming of their face.

4. The PerFold

Developed in Europe by selectively breeding the Persian with the Highland and the Scottish Fold cats, the PerFold is one of the cutest breeds of cats. They have a unique look: large round eyes, folded ears (2-3 folds) and very sweet expression. Their face looks like an owl, but with folded ears. They have excellent pet qualities. This breed is recognized by the World Cat Federation (WCF).

5. The Persian (Modern), The Persian Longhair, The Longhair, The Shirazi Cat or The Iranian Cat

With its long silky coat and unique face, the Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds of all time. It’s the most popular cat in the USA and the 2nd most popular in the world right now, after the Exotic Shorthair. This medium-large (9-14 pounds) sized breed has a broad face and large eyes with short ears and muzzle. Originating from Iran, this breed is very friendly, loyal and quiet. It comes in a wide variety of coat and eye colors. The Persian cats are highly intelligent pets.

Cat Breeds that start with ‘P’: The PerFold, The Persian Longhair, and The Persian (Traditional)

Cat Breeds that start with ‘P’: The PerFold, The Persian Longhair, and The Persian (Traditional)

6. The Persian (Traditional), The Doll Face Persian, The Classic Persian, The Old-Fashioned Persian, The Long-nosed Persian, The Old-style Longhair, The Traditional Longhair or The Original Longhair

“Traditional Persian” is the name used for the original breed of the Persian cats from Iran, without the development of their extreme features. As the breeding standards change over time, the Persian cats develop Flat Faces over time due to some genetic mutations. But the Traditional Persian is still being bred separately. Some of the major cat registries recognize them as a separate breed, while others consider them a variety of the Persian breed.

7. The Peterbald or The Petersburg Hairless Cat

A cross between the Donskoy and the Oriental Shorthair, the Peterbald is a relatively new addition to the list of hairless cats. It originates from the St. Petersburg, Russia. A Peterbald cat can be born bald or with some hair e.g. flocked, velour, brush, or with a straight coat. Cats born with hair may also lose hair with time. These cats have a slender, muscular body with long tail, set-apart ears, and webbed feet. They behave good with everyone and have excellent pet qualities.

8. The Pixie-bob

Medium-large (8-17 pounds) size with both shorthair and longhair varieties, the Pixie-bob is another cat breed from the United States. It has a Bobcat-like face with a silky brown-spotted coat and a short tail. These cats are very friendly, social, intelligent and loyal. They are very quiet and adaptive as well as pet-friendly and child-friendly. The Pixie-bob cats are generally healthy. They undergo constant shedding and require moderate maintenance.

Cat Breeds that start with ’P’: The Peterbald, The Pixie-bob, The Pixie Cat, and The Pharaoh Cat

Cat Breeds that start with ’P’: The Peterbald, The Pixie-bob, The Pixie Cat, and The Pharaoh Cat

9. The Pixie Cat, The Devon Rex or The Alien Cat

This cat breed from the United Kingdom has a medium-sized (5-10 pounds) body and a curly shorthair coat. 11th most popular cat breed, the Devon Rex, is extremely intelligent, interactive, quiet, loyal, social and playful. It comes in all varieties of colors and patterns. Cats of this breed have a characteristic “Elfin look”. They are pet-friendly and child-friendly. These cats undergo minimal shedding and require moderate maintenance. They make strong bonds with their owners. In addition to their unique looks and excellent pet qualities, these cats are also hypoallergenic.

10. The Pharaoh Cat or The Egyptian Mau

21st most popular cat on the CFA’s list, the Egyptian Mau is a Medium-sized (6-14 pounds) cat breed from Egypt, having medium or shorthair coat. The Egyptian Mau is arguably the fastest among all cat breeds. It comes in black, blue, silver or smoke colors. It is highly intelligent, loyal, playful gentle and moderately active. Cats of this breed have a “worried expression” due to large green eyes and mascara lines, a scarab mark on the forehead. These cats are good with children. They are generally healthy and require low maintenance. They are similar to a Cheetah in many ways, from its body shape and color to its speed and independent nature.

11. The Poljun or The Jungle

Originating from Poland, the Poljun is a new addition to the wild-looking cat breeds. Developed by a cross between the Chausie and the Bengal cats, the Poljun is claimed to be “smart as monkeys, graceful as panthers, brave as lions and people-loving as dogs”. These are large, powerful-looking, active and intelligent but non-aggressive cats. They have short-medium hair coat with many colors. This breed is recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA).

12. The Poodle Cat or The Pudelkatze

The Poodle Cat, a cat breed of German origin, is actually a cross between the Devon Rex, the Scottish Fold, and the European Shorthair. It is a large, healthy cat with folded ears and thicker, curly, lambswool-like shorthair coat. It comes in all coat colors. These cats are attractive, friendly, respectful and quiet. They need moderate grooming and maintenance. Now, breeders in Europe are planning to cross it with the Manx to get a tailless trait.

Cat Breeds that start with ’P’: The Poljun, The Poodle Cat, The Punjabi , and The Puppykat

Cat Breeds that start with ’P’: The Poljun, The Poodle Cat, The Punjabi, and The Puppykat

13. The Punjabi or The Punjabi Desert Cat

The Punjabi is a new breed of cat with wild looks, domestic temperament, and short hair coat. Still in the experimental phase, it is actually a hybrid, developed by crossing the Bengal with the Indian Desert Cat. It resembles the Indian Desert Cat in appearance but has the sweet temperament of the Bengal. These cats are very interactive and make strong bonds with their owners. Coats have small random spots, with 3 different base colors. The head is triangular, with large ears and tapering tail.

14. The Puppykat

The Puppykat is another developing breed of cats from the United States. It is an extraordinary cat with three different mutations from its parent breeds i.e. short tail from the Manx, floppy ears from the Scottish Fold and extra toes from some polydactyl cat. The Puppykat has a dense, thick and soft coat in both shorthair and longhair varieties and almost all colors/patterns. These cats have dog-like traits. They are intelligent, playful and easy to train.